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Wavy Boy Clothing brings the WAVE to Portland Parks & Recreation !

Posted on January 21 2020

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Earlier this month, we were given an opportunity to collaborate with a local organization in Portland, Oregon, Portland Parks and Recreation! The mission of Portland Parks & Recreation is to help Portlanders play - providing the safe places, facilities, and programs which promote physical, mental, and social activity. With a background in basketball and fashion, I thought to myself this the perfect thing to be a part of. I grew up as a part of Portland Parks' drug free youth basketball league, so I remember showing up for games on Saturdays and the drug free pledge you had to do to be a part of it. 

Another thing I remembered was you wore your jersey to the game, warmed up in it, then played, I didn't know the luxury of having warm up until I played higher levels of organized basketball. So it was great to see how something small as warm up jerseys could instill confidence in these teens. They came on the court  feeling more united as a team and ready to compete, you could see the WAVE dripping as soon as they lay up lines. I caught members on the other team  staring in awe when they started warming up. Wavy Boy Clothing is confidence in clothing form, and they definitely exemplified that on this day. 

Since this day staff and family members of the players have asked for warm up shirts in their size , just proving once again that Wavy Boy Clothing has head turning apparel for people of all ages. In the near future shirts will be sold through Mt. Scott Community Center, so if your interested in reppin' your area please reach out to Mt. Scott Community Center's Teen Force about a custom warm up jersey for you or your team!


The Mt. Scott Community Center team plays on Saturdays so make sure you check your local listing and give them some support if your in the area. There's nothing like people accepting diversity, and coming together to achieve a common goal, I'm just so excited that its with basketball and fashion. Reach out us via email if you have questions about your team colliding with the Wave.



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